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Our Mission
To deliver break through information on stem cell research for the advancement of human health and disease.

Stem Cell News Digest Medical News and Treatments is run by a consumer advocate Barry Trute, not doctors! We try to provide information, not dictate your choices.

Writing Staff

Our staff scour the internet to find the latest news. With journalists in the United States, Canada, India and the UK, Stem Cell News Digest has the ability to keep track of the latest developments from all corners of the globe.

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Privacy Policy
We currently don’t allow comments on individual posts at this time. We do not collect information on visitors to our site in any fashion, including personal information such as emails sent to us.

Stem Cell News Digest is privately owned and funded. We do offer opportunities to advertise on this site (see information below).

Stem Cell News Digest hosts advertisement banners and sponsored links.  Advertisements appear on the right hand side of the page and are denoted either by Ads by Google, Advertisers and Quick Ads.  Banner ads are not controlled by Stem Cell News Digest but are delivered in context to the editorial content and are filtered to avoid inappropriate content such as adult material.  Text link ads under Advertisers are approved first by Stem Cell News Digest and are carefully selected for compatibility and appropriate content.

The Vision of Stem Cell News Digest
is to educate and empower all of us to the life -changing discoveries
and tools that are introduced almost daily in the health technology

Stem Cell News Digest
is one of the fastest growing privately held health information resource on the Web. Stem Cell News Digest has matured into a health content aggregator and critical consumer resource of breakthrough medical information. Stem Cell News Digest is managed by consumer health advocates and not doctors.

Terms of Service

Any content available from Stem Cell News Digest or its search services are for your personal use only. “The information provided on Stem Cell News Digest is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.”

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Stem Cell News  Digest and its research services are provided “AS IS.” Stem Cell News Digest or its search services makes no representations or warranties regarding any content it summarizes. Stem Cell News Digest or its research services expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. Stem Cell News Digest or its research services may change the terms of use for this site at any time.

Stem Cell News  Digest or its search services or its employees, third party contracts, and manufacturers, are not responsible for the use of any information provided herein. Persons subscribing to information services from Stem Cell News Digest assume all risk from any form of damage.

Stem Cell News  Digest or its search services, its owners, operators, and staff will NOT be held liable for any illegal activity, legal recourse, or lawyer’s fees resulting from the purchase and/or use of any of our products. Our products are for informational use only.

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